Transforming Remote Service

At SmartView, we understand the need for remote diagnosis due to the current crisis. In response, we have come up with an easy to use remote diagnosis tool for the home service providers so that we can help our community fight this crisis.

SmartView exclusively provides Remote Expertise through the use of real-time video and media transfer. Our goal is to remove the gap between the end customer and home service providers, with the help of SmartView home service providers will be able to solve problems quickly and gain customer trust.

Remote Diagnosis

SmartView uses cloud technology to blend two real-time video streams, that of a homeowner and a home service provider, into a collaborative environment. This online video sharing is enabled with telestration which makes it possible for the home owner and the home service providers to interact in real time.

No Additional Download​

SmartView runs on your existing mobile devices (iOS, Android) on a web-browser. There’s no new hardware to purchase! They can telestrate, freeze images, use hand gestures and share the media both in real-time and after the call.

Dual Data Transfer

SmartView not only enables Home Owners to share their problem but also allows onsite technicians to record and share their work, which makes it possible for the homeowners to see the work progress and maintain social distancing norms at the same time.


Video Conferencing

We provide a unique feature for the customers to video call the dispatcher and showcase their problem.

Screen Freeze

The Home Owner or Dispatcher can freeze the screen to showcase the issue.


The Home Owner as well as the dispatcher can telestrate on the freezed screen while explaining the issue.

Media Download

The Images can be downloaded and shared with the customers and technicians 

1 %

Increase in Service Requests

1 %

Increase in revenue per call

1 %

Decrease in the First Truck Rolls

1 %

Customer trust

The Right Value

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Reduced Truck Trips

Reduced Service Duration

Attract New Prospects